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Ramsey ELP


Official Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) for Fairbanks, North Pole, and Delta Junction, Alaska!

We are proud to be among the few Realtors in the Country who are personally backed by Dave Ramsey! Dave’s team thoroughly researches to find the best providers in each area. Only the top 5% of real estate agents are even considered for the program. ELPs receive personalized coaching and accountability from the Dave Ramsey team. And, as a Dave Ramsey ELP, we are held to the highest standards of service. We have the heart of a servant & teacher, not just as a salesman. We strive to educate all of our clients and serve them well.

We agree with Dave that a person’s home is their largest financial investment, and it is important to make sure the Realtor you choose has the heart of a servant and the knowledge of a teacher to keep your investment safe.

When working with buyers, we spend a lot of time going over exactly what the client is wanting in their next home and how that fits into their family budget. Our preferred lender goes over the financing so that before we even start looking at homes, our buyers feel 100% confident in their decision to buy.

When working with sellers, we do a thorough market analysis including an estimate of net proceeds. We also preview the home giving suggestions to improve chances of a quick sale and then lay out all the options on the table so our sellers can make the best decision regarding their finances, pricing and selling their home.